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About Persian Rugs (part 1)

Majid Mirmohamadi from Majid Persian Carpets in Melbourne, Australia shares with you some history and information on Persian rugs. for more information about Persian rugs go to:

Ventura Rug Gallery: An Introduction to Persian Rugs

Explore the world of Persian carpet and rug making with this in-depth documentary detailing the history of Persian carpet weaving, how Persian carpets are made, and how Iran became the center of the Persian rug weaving industry. For more information and to obtain your own beautiful Persian carpet at discount prices, go to

The traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving in the Republic of Azerbaijan

UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – 2010 URL: Description: The Azerbaijani carpet is a traditional handmade textile of various sizes, with dense texture and a pile or pile-less surface, whose patterns are characteristic of Azerbaijan’s many carpet-making regions. Carpet making is a family tradition transferred orally and through practice. Men shear sheep in spring and autumn, while women collect dyestuffs and spin and dye yarn in the spring, summer and autumn. The weaving is undertaken during winter by the female members of the extended family, girls learning from their mothers and grandmothers and wives assisting their mothers-in-law. The carpet is made on horizontal or vertical looms using multi-coloured wool, cotton or silk yarn coloured with natural dyes. Applying special techniques to create pile carpets, weavers knot the pile yarn around threads of the warp; pile-less carpets are variously made with interlacing structural warps, wefts,…