Shag rugs are coming back into style! These comfortable carpets are the perfect selection for your home, apartment, or dorm room to add that extra something to the room. Perfect for laying on top of wood floors or tile, a shaggy carpet can spruce up any room and prevent your floors from being damaged while adding to the decor with a certain sense of nostalgia.

What Are Shag Rugs?

Also known as shag pile rugs, shaggy rugs are a carpet or a rug that has a deep pile that gives it its trademark shaggy appearance. It is a durable, stain resistant rug that is made of synthetic fibers. It was a very popular style of rug back in the seventies, and is back in style once more. These rugs give a comfortable feeling to a room and come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. It can be cleaned using a carpet rake that gives it a renewed appearance. A shag rug conveys instant comfort and coziness to a room, dampens sound, gives you something to walk on, and can be large, medium, or small, easy to maintain, and is usually woven together by a machine.

The Many Fabrics of Shaggy Rugs

There are actually many types of fabrics for shag rugs. There are many types of shag carpets that are made of 100% of a certain material, such as wool, leather, or synthetic fabrics. It’s also common for these pile carpets to combine materials, such as wool, jute, silk, and leather. Retro shags even come made up of angora wool, for a soft and sophisticated touch. Rugs can even be made of lambskin or polypropelene.

In addition, shags can be made of cotton, chenille, seagrass, sisal, bamboo, and synthetics that include nylon, olefin, polyester, and acrylic yarn. The synthetic materials mimic the appearance of wool and higher quality rugs, but aren’t as soft as the non-synthetic materials, costing significantly less but also needing to be replaced more.

How To Clean and Care For Your Shag Rug

Cleaning and maintaining your shag rug is easier than you may think. Since it is portable and able to be lifted up, you don’t have to buy fancy products or call a professional carpet cleaning company. Care for it by raking it regularly. Also vacuum it regularly, at least once or twice a week, using the standard attachment and not the rotating brush. Rotate your rug so that it gets even wear and doesn’t wear down in just one area. For spills, absorb the liquid by dabbing with a paper towel. Clean using a damp cloth and a cleaning agent, dabbing not rubbing. Beat rug against rails or balcony consistently to shake all the dirt, dust, and accumulated debris out of your shag.

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These fluffy and luxurious rugs are inviting to guests and soft to the touch, making them a great choice for personal living space decoration and comfort. The high pile shag rugs of the seventies have returned but has been reincarnated into a more modern, sophisticated version. With long fibers and multiple options for colors, patterns, and designs, the shag has been successfully reinvented for a new era.